T-SQL Tuesday: People who have made a difference


First of all, I’d like to thank Ewald Cress (blog | twitter) for hosting this month’s T-SQL Tuesday and for selecting the topic “Folks Who Have Made a Difference”, great choice.

Where do I start? Hmmm, let’s do it from the beginning.

Firstly, I would like to thank Mr Evandro who was my first database teacher back in 1994. I remember we, students, did not want to think about databases at the time because VB and C programming was like a “fever” in Brazil, so everybody wanted to do it. But he, on his own way and time, selected a few of us to coach as he could see a good future on us as we were able to learn and pick up things very quickly. He taught us how learning both programming and databases very well would have a huge impact in our future. And he was right, I learnt dBase III Plus, foxPro and also SQL Server 6.5 with him, never stopped and currently use SQL 2016. So Thank you Evandro.

Another person to mention is Diego Nogare, who I met a few years ago at PASS Summit. We exchanged a lot of ideas during the event and he instigated me to start blogging and speaking about data. I did start speaking(virtually) by doing an online presentation of a topic that I was working on at the time and knew about, with his guidance in developing the topic and brainstorming ideas. Nowadays we are good friends. So Thank you Nogare.

One other person to remember is the guy who “made” me start speaking in public(not virtually anymore) who is Martin Cairney, who organises SQL Server User Group in Melbourne(SQL Social) as well as SQL Saturday Melbourne. I firstly spoke about Service Broker at the user group and boy I was scared, being the first time. But then based on the feedback received from that session, I could work on some points and felt more confident when preparing my talk for SQL Saturday Melbourne. I ended up speaking on the same year at SQL Saturday Sydney, SQL Saturday Brisbane and SQL Saturday Oregon. At the same time, he inspired me to start volunteering, on top of the speaking, on those events as well. So Thank you Martin.

Last, but not least, I would like to thank Rob Farley, David Lean, Hamish WatsonMartin Catherall, Warwick Rudd, Steve Jones and Randolph West who in the last couple years have been helping me a lot, being by developing ideas for career improvements, bouncing ideas about sessions to present on SQL Saturdays and virtual groups or just to have a talk (it’s good to have someone to talk to). What’s more, they have been helping me develop myself as a person as well as a professional with their advice. So Thank You guys.

I much appreciate everything that you all have done and I know that I would have not reached this far in my life and career without your help and guidance.



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